What Is Boosters?

  • Guardian Angels Athletic boosters provides support and promote athletic programs at Guardian Angels School. Boosters are made up of parents, alumni, and other community members who are passionate about sports and want to help provide resources and funding for athletic programs.


  • The main goal of athletic boosters is to provide financial support for sports teams and athletes. This can include purchasing equipment and uniforms, funding travel expenses for away games, and paying for training and coaching.


  • Guardian Angels Athletic Boosters strives to provide a positive sports experience, while teaching the fundamentals of each sport and preparing children for high school athletic programs. A wide variety of sports opportunities are available to grades K-8 and every child in the school/parish has the opportunity to participate on a competitive team.


Guardian Angels Boosters: A Rich Tradition

    • Established: 1895
    • Founding Mission: To support and enrich the athletic programs at Guardian Angels School.
    • Early Years: Boosters initially focused on providing basic equipment and facilities for student-athletes.
    • Expansion: Throughout the decades, the Boosters expanded their support to include coaching staff, travel expenses, and community outreach programs.
    • Milestones: Over the years, Guardian Angels Boosters have celebrated numerous championship victories and athletic achievements.
    • Community Impact: Beyond athletics, Boosters have contributed to the overall development and well-being of students, fostering leadership and teamwork skills.
    • Modern Era: Today, Guardian Angels Boosters continue their legacy of excellence, supporting a wide range of sports programs and providing opportunities for all students to participate and thrive.
    • Join Us: Become a part of our history and support Guardian Angels Boosters in shaping the future of our student-athletes and community.

Booster President: Tom Gruber • Vice President: Matt Vogele

Boys Basketball:
BJ Green & Zach Schmidt

Boys Volleyball:
Chrissy Waleskowski & Joe Julkowski

Boys & Girls Track:
Jake Andreadis

Amanda Frommling

Tim Trucco

Girls Basketball:
Tony Stenger

Girls Volleyball:
Chrissy Waleskowski & Joe Julkowski

Mike Tomaro

Lil' Angels:
Dan Regan

Lil' Hoopers:
Paul Keating

Nick Whitacre


  • Jake Andreadis
  • Aubrey Badell
  • Jeremiah Badell
  • Tim Bucher
  • Matt Ciotti
  • Joe Conover
  • Mike Darah
  • Yvan Demosthenes
  • Matt Fadely
  • Nathan Fehr
  • Michael Fesenmeier
  • Patrick Frey
  • Joe Frommling
  • BJ Green
  • Tom Gruber
  • James Gruber
  • Robert Hadnett
  • Laura Hall


  • Stephen Hall
  • Jason Hermes
  • Jimmy Ionna
  • Joe Julkowski
  • Ted Kamen
  • Brian Kathmann
  • Scott Keller
  • Paul Keating
  • Rusty Kinney
  • Michael Krauss
  • Garry Lanham
  • Sarah Lewis
  • Luke Linz
  • Chad Linz
  • Bill Luttmer
  • Tim McElroy
  • Douglas Morgan
  • Marty Ober
  • Daniel Regan


  • Eric Rose
  • Zach Schmidt
  • Nicole Schneider
  • Toby Schisler
  • Samuel Schulte
  • Jay Skie
  • Angela Smith
  • Jamie Spiller
  • Tony Stenger
  • Brent Sebesy
  • Kevin Thomas
  • Michael Tomaro
  • Tim Trucco
  • Justin Vandrmark
  • Tim Vonderhaar
  • Amy Vogele
  • Matt Vogele
  • Keith Waleskowski
  • Christine Waleskowski
  • Patrick Walsh
  • Nicholas Whitacre