Lil' Angels

Welcome to Lil' Angels Athletics!

About Lil' Angels Athletics: Lil' Angels Athletics, offered by GA Athletic Boosters, introduces boys and girls in kindergarten to a variety of sports, including basketball, volleyball, soccer, and track & field. Held on Mondays in March and April, our program aims to foster camaraderie and interest in sports.


  1. Provide kindergartners with extracurricular interaction opportunities.
  2. Introduce sports in a fun, casual setting to ignite interest in GA Athletic Boosters' programs.
  3. Expand the mission of GA Athletic Boosters.

Registration Information:

  • Open to all kindergarten boys and girls with registration mid to late February.
  • Cost: $75/kindergartner (includes t-shirt and snack).

Parent Volunteers:

  • Crucial for program success.
  • Volunteer to coach a session and enrich the Lil' Angels experience.
  • All parent volunteers must complete training through AoC Safe Parish.